Northtale provides lyric video for the single “Midnight Bells”
Postado em 22/10/2021

Northlate is releasing a lyric video for the second single of the new album’s Eternal Flame, the stunning “Midnight Bells”:

Pre-sale “Eternal Flame”:

Guitarist Bill Hudson says: “This is one of my favorite songs and one of the heaviest songs on the record. Musically, I was able to merge my thrash, traditional and power metal influences into a single work, which I’m very proud of. Lyrically, Guilherme managed bring some of our Brazilian touch to our music for the first time.”

NorthTale vocalist Guilherme Hirose adds: “This song is extremely personal and very special to me. It’s about my spiritual beliefs and allows me to introduce some of our mystical Brazilian traditions to the world. emanates from ‘Midnight Bells'”.

Check out Guilherme singing ‘Shape Your Reality’:

‘Bring Down The Mountains’ (new version with Guilherme Hirose): Northtale-YT

‘Follow Me’ (new version with Guilherme Hirose):

William Hirose | vocals
Bill Hudson | guitar
Mikael Planefeldt | bass
Patrick Johansson | drums
Jimmy Pitts | keyboard

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